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Friday, August 5, 2011

Jack's BEACH BUM Party

My baby turned one on July 7. 
I decided to do a "beach bum" themed party!
 it just seemed so fitting!

Location: the BEACH of course! 
There was an old abandoned restaurant at the beach where we celebrated. It was perfect for holding the food, drinks and cake! 

We served Jack's favorite- BBQ Chicken Pizza, recipe from here. Seriously, he loves it!

Paper Straws from Orson Gygi

We also had some beach themed finger foods as well- Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Gummy Sharks

 Chocolate cake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting. My creative friend Kristen came up with the idea to turn the candle into a palm tree (genious!) and molded the palm leaves and the fish (small one is Jack and the bigger one is Crew- so cute!)  I molded Mr. Crab. There had to be a crab incorporated somewhere- those things are all over the place here and Jack totally resembles one when he runs sideways in his walker! It's hilarious! 

I made homemade vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream from here, crushed up some coconut cookies for the sand and topped it with a parasol. Doesn't get much better than that!

The birthday boy himself... enjoying some presents!

The gang!

Cake time! Dig in!!

The best part... you can't tell the real sand from the fake sand!

Washing off in the ocean!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Boy!


  1. Crystal- that party is amazing! And the fact that you did it here is even more amazing! Can you teach me how to decorate a cake like that?! It's incredible!

  2. adorable! love it all! especially the pics of him eating his cake on the beach. love the new blog!

  3. It is lovely! Love your stuff! Always have! Miss you!

  4. Is he not the cutest thing?? I love the first pic of his naked little bum on the cute. Miss ya!